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As a writer Oludami takes the time to understand my content marketing project requirements and he also offers
his suggestions to improve each content we work on together.
He has also taken the time to get certifications in marketing and copywriting, so you know he is always learning how to improve his skill.
Most of all he is reliable and communicates quickly…I will continue working with him on other writing projects.
Owen McGab Enaohwo
CEO and Co-Founder, SweetProcess

According to an article, content writers are (supposed to be) marketing experts, SEO specialists, on-page coders and social media butterflies. Unfortunately, only few writers come with such full package.

Neil Patel, in writing about the role of content marketing copywriters, also said “When the writer realizes that her role fits neatly within the broader realm of content, digital marketing, and marketing as a whole, it helps her produce more compelling and strategic content.”

I’ve always known as a freelance writer that I must be able to deliver a lot of value to my clients – value that transcends just stringing words together.

I know I must not only depend on my writing talent, but also add value to myself, to in turn add value to my clients and their customers.

I need to be able to understand my client’s goals and aspirations, so that I can deliver quality content that syncs with such goals.

This has led me to become trained and certified, first as a direct response copywriter, and secondly as a digital marketing professional, by prestigious and industry-leading organizations AWAI (American Writers & Artists Inc.) and Digital Marketer LLC, TX ( respectively.

So you can be 100% sure that I know what works and what doesn’t, especially in content marketing.

“I have now been working with Oludami for over 4 years, and I am extremely happy with the work he has provided me. His writing is consistent, and he always puts 110% into everything he does. I would highly recommend hiring Oludami for all your writing and SEO needs.”

Jo Harrison, Virtual Assistant ( (France)

Here are the services I offer, through which I can meet your content needs:

Content Strategy

New businesses are popping up at an alarming rate, it is therefore time for your business to evolve its content marketing strategy or fizzle away.

Research shows that content marketing delivers 54% more leads than traditional outbound marketing. Furthermore, 70% of consumers say that content marketing makes them feel closer to a company, and they prefer getting to know a company via articles rather than ads.

If you don’t use content marketing, not only are you ignoring what your users really want but you’re also losing out on a lot of leads – and in essence, clients/customers.

You can hire me to work on your content strategy.

And if you need someone to execute your content strategy too, I will be more than happy to do that.

Blog Posts/Articles

Studies have shown that 82 percent of marketers who blog see positive ROI for their inbound marketing, and marketers that prioritize blogging are 13 times more likely to enjoy a positive ROI.

If you are not blogging, you are leaving money on the table. It’s that simple.

A blog usually focuses around a particular subject, so it will appeal to a specific target audience. The most successful blogs have posts added on a consistent and frequent schedule.

I can help you achieve the blogging goals of:

  • Creating more visibility on search engines and driving more traffic to your website
  • Establishing expert status for you in your niche
  • Educating your prospects and customers
  • Creating a relationship with your target audience, and
  • Selling where necessary and possible

I will achieve this by adopting a clear, conversational and friendly (yet authoritative) style that engages your readers and converts them to loyal customers and raving fans in the long run.

Thanks! This is awesome. Well-written. Uniqueness score is 98%.

I don’t go out criticizing writers for no just cause but then, my eyes pick too many errors when I read most people’s pieces that I get pissed off.

You don’t belong to that class of writers. Your writing engages and glitters with impeccable grammar, actionable tips and apt personalization. You’re without doubts one of the very few excellent writers I know. – Muhammed Abdullahi,

I know how to choose a great topic idea, and deliver it with a head-turning headline. My research skills (and where necessary, interview skills) make my articles topnotch.

Yomi-Alliyu wrote for MSN for a period of eight months. In that time he showed a wide area of interest, with his lifestyle and entertainment pieces proving especially popular. Yomi-Alliyu’s ability to find relevant and interesting quotes added an extra layer of illustration to his stories. – Kate Hodges, Africa Editor, MSN

Sales/Landing Page Copy

The landing page has one main purpose: Get the visitor to take a specific action. That action might be to buy a product, start a free trial, purchase a membership, or sign up for a newsletter — or even give you a call, to name a few.

Sales/landing pages don’t just use any kind of content. You need persuasive and compelling content that evokes emotion in people and makes them act, and your writing has to follow a specific structure.

Unfortunately, not every “writer” can create this kind of content.

That’s no longer a problem for you though; you’re at the right place.

As a highly-trained and experienced direct-response copywriter, I will help you create persuasive landing page or sales page content that gets your audience to do that which you desire. I’ll go further to also optimize your content for the search engines, so that it will rank well for your desired keywords in the long run.

Hire me now with the form below to get started.

Website/Web Page Content

Web pages are the various pages that make a website – from the home page to the about page and contact page, to product pages, to landing pages, subscription pages, etc.

Website visitors are very task-oriented. They have questions and they want immediate answers.

Your website should be written to readily answer the questions on your visitor’s mind…and should provide a map for her to get the solution – your product.

I can help you achieve this through my persuasive web copywriting skills, and my knowledge of what works on the web and what doesn’t.

E-Newsletter writing

Building a successful business online isn’t just about having the emails of your audience; it’s about building a connection with them, which will benefit your business in the future.

The structure of a successful e-letter article is the same as the structure of any other article. Well-written and mostly not aimed at selling.

I can help you craft a professionally-written e-newsletter (or e-zine) that will:

  • Engage your leads and customers, and segment them for future promotions
  • Build stronger relationships with your customers and prospects by providing a vehicle to share useful information
  • Provide a pathway to contact your readers with promotional material
  • Invite reader feedback to improve your marketing and product development efforts
  • Establish credibility for you or your company

A successful e-newsletter provides valuefirst and foremost. It stays on topic, is delivered on a regular schedule, and uses a consistent tone and structure.

Only a well-trained, professional web copywriter like me can give you a newsletter that has all these winning elements.

I was so impressed with the work Oludami did with my website copy at, and also with my sales emails.

I’m never good at writing copy but he made my life so easy with his great and creative copywriting skills.

I’ll recommend him any day to anyone for his copywriting services.

Mayowa Ajisafe,

Email Promotion Campaigns

Email marketing has the best Return on Investment (ROI) of any online marketing strategy available. As such, it plays a critical role in most companies’ online marketing campaigns.

One go-to email-marketing tool you should always utilize is the email promotion. It’s direct-response copy delivered by email. One that closes the deal right in the inbox.

I can help you create an email marketing series that will definitely lead to the sale.

Email promotions can also be used to:

  • get click-throughs …
  • get sign-ups …

In other words, every email promotion includes some kind of call-to-action, and the desired goal is for your readers to open the message and take the action.

It however starts with a killer subject-line. If your subject line doesn’t grab the attention of the reader, your promo will not be opened.

That’s where I come in. With my proven and always-winning formula for crafting killer subject-lines – and headlines. I can increase the open-rate of any email campaign.

Get in touch with me through the form below if you’d like us to work together!

eBook/eCourse Writing Services

eBooks are one of the best resources for positioning yourself as an instant expert in any field.

eBooks can be used for several purposes; you can use it to position yourself as an authority on a subject, you can use it as an incentive to build your list, you can give it away as free gift, you can sell it and have an instant source of passive income, and you can use it as a part of a viral marketing campaign.

If you need someone to help you write a quality eBook/eCourse series, or someone to help you develop a comprehensive marketing plan for one, look no further. Send me an email using the form below and let us discuss!

Case Studies

I can help you tell the story of a problem a customer had, and how your product (or service) was able to solve that problem by giving a before-and-after summary of a challenging situation – in a compelling and systematic way.

The power of a third party sharing your product’s benefits and success story cannot be overstressed. People naturally tend to believe a third party’s story more than the product owner’s.

This will naturally increase your prospect’s trust for you, and ultimately get you more sales.

Ads (PPC and Banner ads)

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads are the “sponsored” ads you find on social media and on the search result pages of search engines.

Paid advertising needs great copy to break through the clutter, appeal to prospects, and drive traffic to your landing page/sales promotion.

I can help you write winning copy that will help your PPC ads:

  • Drive traffic to your landing page or website
  • Generate leads as part of a larger marketing plan
  • Create stronger brand awareness.

I understand every word counts, and I therefore have to apply my persuasive copywriting skills to make your ad intriguing. Hire me to make your PPC ad campaigns winners.

Secondly, most e-commerce sites and many others offer seasonal promotions, and they best use banner ads to offer such promos.

If you should choose to create a banner ad, who should write the content for you? You guessed right – a copywriter! Hire me and I will help you achieve the advertisement goals as highlighted above.

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P.P.S.: I’m pretty selective about whom I work with, so only contact me if you want results from your business. If you’re on a very low budget, I’m probably not the best fit for you